Photographs Mass Grave 05 - 15 April 1945 - 1949.

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Rabbi Leslie Hardman stands by Mass Grave 2, with Mass Grave 5 and the Small Arms Range in the background. Caption reads: ' "The Truth". A silent prayer for 1500 dead buried here. Death roll estimate at approx 47,000 men, women and children, at Belson [Belsen] concentration camp. Photographed by Sgt. Taylor (Church) on 24th April 1945'

Comment 1: The date given in the caption is wrong as the graved was sealed 23 April 1945.

Comment 2: This image replaces a lower quality version kindly supplied by Sidney Barlow in April 2007.

Dated: 23 April 1945
Source: William Taylor
Many thanks to David Henry for providing this image.

If you wish to refer to this image in any correspondence please use Reference Number: Mass Grave 5/530