Block 224 at Bergen-Belsen KZ/Gedenkstätte


Built in 1935 for construction workers building Bergen-Belsen (now Bergen-Hohne) Barracks. From May 1940 until July 1941 it was used to accommodate Belgian and French POW's as part of Stalag XI C/311. It then became part of the Soviet POW/Hospital Camp until January 1945 when it was absorbed into the Große Frauenlager.

" We found Hut 224. We went into the hut and were almost knocked back by the smell. The sight that met us was shocking. There were no beds whatsoever and in this one room there were about 200 women, from 15 to 30 years old, lying on the floor. In some cases they wore few rags and in some cases they wore no clothes at all. The floor was covered in faeces and soaked in urine. They all had extremely severe diarrhoea and were too weak to move." (Michael Hargrave).

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