Häftlingslager II (Prisoners Camp II) at Bergen-Belsen KZ/Gedenkstätte


In November 1944 an increasing number of prisoners from concentration camps near the front line were evacuated to Bergen-Belsen. The overcrowded Häftlingslager I (Prison Camp I) could not take all the male prisoners from these evacuation transports so the Häftlingslager II (Blocks 10, 12 - 25) was established.

Block 10 inhabitants, formerly the Sonderlager were moved into Block 11 (part of the Ungarnlager) along with the Hungarians from Block 12. Block 11 then became the Sonder and Ungarnlager.

Prisoners of the Sternlager were forced to vacate Blocks 13 - 25.

Block 10 later served as an Isolation Block for those that were suffering from Typhoid fever.

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