Dr. Charles Enrique Dent C.B.E.

Date Of Birth :
Place Of Birth :
Burgos, Spain
Died :
Brief History

1911: born in Burgos, Spain (family normally resident in Singapore).

1915: family moved to England. Educated at Bedford School and Wimbledon College.

1927: left school to work in a bank; subsequently left, obtained a post as a laboratory technician and studied at evening classes at Regent Street Polytechnic.

1930: became a Chemistry student at Imperial College, London

1931/2: BSc, Chemistry

1934: PhD on copper phthalocyanin (later marketed by ICI as 'Monastral Blue'); Went to work for ICI Dyestuffs Group in Manchester

1937: entered Univeristy College, London, as a medical student

1939-1945: war service in France and as a consultant in chemistry in the scientific department of British censorship (as a specialist in secret writing), including service in Bermuda and the USA

1943: awarded FRIC

1944: qualified in medicine and became house physician to Sir Thomas Lewis at UCL; Married Margaret Ruth Coad

1945: became Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians. Appointed Assistant to the Medical Unit at UCH Medical School under Sir Harold Himsworth; Went to the recently liberated concentration camp at Belsen as part of the MRC study group; studied the treatment of starvation by amino-acid mixtures

1946-1947: Rockefeller scholarship - studied in Rochester, NY, USA. Post-war research, initially in the field of amino-acid metabolism. Pioneer in the field of partition chromatography for the study of biological fluids. Developed methods of random testing for metobolic disorders; Defined new amino-acid diseases such as various forms of Fanconi syndrome, Hartnup disease, argininosuccinic aciduria and homocystinuria

1949: awarded MD

1951: persuaded University College Hospital, London, to establish a metabolic ward with beds, laboratories and outpatient clinics. Appointed Reader in medicine. Research interests broadened to include the study of clinical disorders of calcium and phosphorus metabolism, vitamin D deficiency and the action of parathyroid; increasing emphasis on the clinical side of his work, rather than laboratory science

1954: became Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians

1956: appointed Professor of Human Metabolism

1962: appointed Fellow of the Royal Society

1976: awarded CBE

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