Eduard/Edvard Wirths/Wirtz

Date Of Birth : 04/09/1909
Place Of Birth : Geroldshausen
Position Within Bergen-Belsen : Doctor
Died : 20/09/1945
Comments :
Trial Location : Not Prosecuted/Unknown
CROWCASS File Number:
256596 / 149703
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Brief History

1930 - 1935 studied medicine at the University of Würzburg.

Joined the NSDAP and SA in June 1933. SS Membership No 311594. NSDAP Membership No 3139549.

Worked as a doctor at Jena University Gynaecological Clinic 1937.

1939 joined the Waffen S.S.

Saw action in Norway and the Russian front.

Declared medically unfit for combat in Spring of 1942 after a heart attack.

Sent to Dachau on a course.

July 1942 Arzt at Neuengamme.

Promoted to Hauptsturmführer September 1942

September 1942 - January 1945 Chefarzt at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Promoted to Sturmbannführer September 1944 and received the Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1st Class.

Left Auschwitz 27 January 1945 and arrived at Dora-Mittelbau 28 January 1945.

Evacuated to Bergen-Belsen 3 - 4 April 1945


Committed suicide in British custody September1945.

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