Hauptsturmführer Adolf Haas

Date Of Birth : 14/11/1893
Position Within Bergen-Belsen : Kommandant
Comments :
Trial Location : Not Prosecuted/Unknown
CROWCASS File Number:
190553 / 300531
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Brief History

After school, at the age of 14, began training as a Baker

October 1913 conscripted into the Artillery and then onto the Navy

During the Great War was a Japanese POW until his eventual release in March 1920

11 March 1922 married Emma Lina Müller.

1931 became a member of the NSDAP (member No. 760,610)

1933 joined the SS (No. 28,943).

01 March 1940 sent to Sachsenhausen and trained as a Schutzhaftlagerführer (Prison Camp Commander).

01 June 1940 promoted to Obersturmführer of the reserve Waffen SS.

September 1941 transferred to Niederhagen Camp at Wewelsburg as Hauptsturmführer replacing Schutzhaftlagerführer Wolfgang Plaul as the Kommadant.

March 1943 when Niederhagen was closed, was transferred to Bergen-Belsen where he served as Kommadant until 02 December 1944.

20 December he assumed command of Panzergrenadierbatallions 18

01 May 1945 posted as missing in action.

3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy.

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