First Belsen Trial Kapo Erich Zoddel

Date Of Birth : 09/08/1913
Place Of Birth : Berlin
Position Within Bergen-Belsen : Blockälteste/Lagerälteste
Died : 30/11/1945
Comments :
Trial : First Belsen Trial
Trial Location : 30 Lindenstraße, Lüneburg 17 September - 17 November 1945
Trial Defendent Number : 29
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Brief History

Originally a Dairyman, sentenced for theft to one year imprisonment in 1941.

Transferred to Sachsenhausen for 14 days at the end of 1942.

Went on to the Heinkel Aircraft Factory at Oranienburg, remaining there until the end October 1943.

Transferred to Buchenwald for two weeks and November 1943 moved to Dora.

27 March 1944 transferred to Bergen-Belsen.

Lived in Block 4 (part of the Häftlingslager)

Originally the Blockälteste of the hospital in the Häftlingslager he became the Lagerälteste of the Häftlingslager.

Accused of murdering a female prisoner on the evening of 17 April 1945 he was sentenced to death at a military tribunal in Celle 31 August 1945

17 September 1945. Stands trial at the 'Trial of Josef Kramer and Forty Four others' at 30 Lindenstraße, Lüneburg. Charged with Count 1.

17 November 1945. Sentenced to Sentenced to Lifetime imprisonment by the Lüneburg Court

30 November 1945. Death sentence carried out at Wolfenbüttel.

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