First Belsen Trial Hauptsturmführer Friedrich/Fritz Klein

Date Of Birth : 24/11/1888
Place Of Birth : Zeiden Romania
Position Within Bergen-Belsen : Medical Officer
Died : 13/12/1945
Comments :
Trial : First Belsen Trial
Trial Location : 30 Lindenstraße, Lüneburg 17 September - 17 November 1945
Trial Defendent Number : 2
CROWCASS File Number:
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Brief History

Studied medicine and completed his military service in Romania, finishing his studies in Budapest after The Great War.

Lived as a doctor in Siebenbürgen, becoming a member of the NSDAP.

26 May 1943 joined the Waffen-SS and was posted to Yugoslavia.

15 December 1943 arrived in Auschwitz, where he at first served as a camp doctor in the women’s camp in Birkenau.

Subsequently he worked as a camp doctor in the Gypsy camp.

End January 1945, with the evacuation of Auschwitz, he was transferred to Bergen-Belsen.

10 February - Mid March transferred to KL Neuengamme.

Mid March 1945 transferred to Bergen-Belsen.

Arrested by the British 17 April 1945

Contracted Typhus and treated in a German Military hospital in Gifhorn

17 September 1945. Stands trial at the 'Trial of Josef Kramer and Forty Four others' at 30 Lindenstraße, Lüneburg. Charged with Count 1> and Count 2

17 November 1945. Sentenced to death by hanging.

13 December 1945. Death sentence carried out at Hameln prison.

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