The Trial of Josef Kramer and Forty Four Others

Exhibit 06 Photographs used for purposes of identification in affidavits

Photograph Z/3/7

Photograph Z/3/5

Photograph Z/3/25

Photograph Z/3/35

Photograph Z/3/9

Photograph Z/3/3

Rear of photograph
Photograph Z/3/22

Photograph Z/3/12

Photograph Z/3/37

Photograph Z/3/24

Photograph Z/3/1

Photograph Z/3/19

Photograph Z/4/2

Photograph Z/4/7

Photograph Z/4/1

Photograph Z/5/9

Photograph Z/5/4

Photograph Z/5/11

Photograph Z/5/3

Photograph Z/5/8

Photograph Z/5/2

Photograph Z/4/3

Photograph Z/4/8

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