Transcript of the Notes of 'The Trial of Erich Zoddel'

The Trial of Erich Zoddel A Military tribunal in Celle 31 August 1945 - Supporting Documents

Charge sheet
Request for witnesses made by Erich Zoddel's Rechtsanwalt
Letter concerning Erich Zoddel's case
Letter concerning witnesses for Erich Zoddel
Trial Notes
Affidavit of Dora Silberberg
Affidavit of Yilka Malachovska (not used at Zoddel's trial, but included in the Court documents)
Petition for pardon
Letter confirming Erich Zoddel to stand trial at the 1st Belsen Trial
Letter with regards to the witdrawal of Erich Zoddel from the 1st Belsen Trial
Covering letter for the Report to the Chief of Staff - Erich Zoddel Trial
Report to the Chief of Staff
Case Record
Death Warrant Return