The Trial of Josef Kramer and Forty Four Others

Exhibit 134 Affidavit of Dora Szafran


DEPOSITION OF DORA SZAFRAN of 74 Eisengasse, Warsaw, sworn before me Major Saville Geoffrey Champion, R.A., Legal Staff, No. 1 War Crimes Investigation Team.

1. I am aged 22. I was arrested on 6th May 1942 in Stanisławów, Poland because I was a Jew and with 20000 other Jews was sent to Majdanek Camp, near Lublin, Poland. I was there for about 7 weeks.

2. While there I knew SS Untersturmführer Dr. Fischer, I would describe him as aged 40 years, 6' 3" in height, dark hair, eyes brown, thin face and slightly built. This man was one of those who selected people for the gas chamber and I definitely saw him send some 120 people a day to the gas chamber. The building into which they were sent was in two parts. On one occasion I was having a bath on one side and could hear screams coming from the other side and I could also smell gas. The room was about 30 feet square and it held approximately 50 people at a time.

3. On 25th June, 1943, I went to Auschwitz and witnessed several selections for the gas chamber there. I estimate that while I was there about a million people were sent to the gas chamber. The SS people on this selection were as follows: -

Juana Bormann (photo. 19-3), Dr. Mengele, Elisabeth Volkenrath (photo. 22-6), SS Unterscharführer Tauber, SS Dr. König, and SS Dr. Schwartz.

4. I saw Juana Bormann (photo. 19-3) beat several girls with a rubber stick, because they hung about talking, until they were unconscious.

5. I saw people being sent to the gas chamber. I lived in a block opposite the gas chamber and could see from my window people going into the building. There was a tall chimney and I could see flames coming out. I heard screams come from inside the building and never saw these people come out. I had a clear view, since the only thing that was in between my block and the gas chamber was an electric fence about 15 ft. away from my window.

6. At Auschwitz I and others had to stand naked in the square while Dr. Klein (photo. 9-5), Kramer and Tauber made the selection. The strongest of us were taken to do more work and the weaker ones were taken away and we never saw them again.

7. I came to Belsen about 18th January, 1945. On the day that the English [British] arrived, about three hours before the actual occupation, I saw Kramer, Nikolas Jenner (photo. 24-4) and Karl Flrazich (photo. 1-5) shoot with Schmaisser guns at a group of prisoners. They fired through the kitchen window for no reason, and I can say that they killed about 22 people.

Sworn by the said deponent Dora Szafran at Belsen this 25th day of May 1945.

Sgd Dora Szafran

Before me

Sgd S. G. Champion, Major R.A

I hereby certify that the said deponent not understanding English, this affidavit was translated in my presence to the said deponent before swearing and I am satisfied that its contents were fully understood by the said deponent.

Dated this 25th day of May 1945

Sgd S. G. Champion, Major R.A

I hereby certify that I have accurately translated this affidavit to the said deponent

Dated this 25th day of May 1945

Sgd Traute Neumann
Civilian Interpreter

Dora Szafran

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