War Crimes Trials - Vol. II The Belsen Trial. 'The Trial of Josef Kramer and Forty Four Others'

Appendices (Affidavits & Statements - INDEX)



All the affidavits that follow are to be taken as sworn to and signed by the deponents unless otherwise stated. The first deposition, namely that by Dora Almaleh, has been given in full to show the method of attestation, but in order to economise in space and for fluent reading the remainder of the depositions are produced without the actual signatures or preliminaries. Ages and nationalities of the deponents are given in brackets after each name.

Furthermore, only those sections of the affidavits which have actually been read out in court, or are of direct interest to the case in hand, have been given. Where any objection has been raised by the Defense to a paragraph, or any part thereof, of any deposition, that section has been deleted. The number preceding each deposition corresponds to the Exhibit number given to the document in court. A few very short affidavits have been omitted, as also have those spoken to by British witnesses.

Most of the depositions were taken down by the authorities very shortly after the liberation of Belsen Camp. The spelling of names of places and persons are therefore unreliable, but the most obvious errors have been changed in the text.

Almaleh, Dora (Original document) Aurdzeig, Antoni (1) Aurdzeig, Antoni (2)
Basch, Arnost Berg, Margarete Bialek, Regina (1)
Bialek, Regina (2) Bialek, Regina (3) Bialkiewicz, Michal
Bimko, Dr. Ada (1) Bimko, Dr. Ada (2) Borenstein, Regina
Burger, Pavel Cech, Paul Dembouska, Jadwiga
Deutsch, Josef Diament, Gertrud (1) Diament, Gertrud (2)
Dolinski, Karl Dunklemann, Gitla Ehlert, Herta
Erman, Renée Fischer, Vera Fürstenberg, Halma
Grese, Irma (1) Grese, Irma (2) Grese, Irma (3)
Gruhmann, Bohumil Grunwald, Wilhelm Gyrka, Ewa
Guterman, Estera Halota, Stanislaw Hammermasch, Helen
Hauptmann, Josef Herbst, Elisabeth Herkovitz, Helene
Hoessler, Franz Holdost, Jolan Ivanow, Peter
Jacubowice, Anna Jasinska, Alina Jecny, Vaclav
Jong, Adelaide de (1) Jong, Adelaide de (2) Judkovitz, Ladislaus
Kalderon, Alegre Kalenikow, Nikolaj Karobjenikow, Ivan
Kaufmann, Zlata Keliszek, Rachela Klein, Dr. Fritz
Klink, Rolf Kobriner, Sevek Koper, Helena
Kramer, Josef (1) Kramer, Josef (2) Kurowicki, Alexander (1)
Kurowicki, Alexander (2) Lebowitz, Klara Lichtenstein, Paul
Linz, Adolf Lippmann, Hila Litwinska, Sophia
Löffler, Hilda Löffler, Irene Lohbauer, Hildgarde
Lozowski, Isak Makar, Dr. Peter Leonard Malachovska, Yilka
Marcinkovski, Adam Markowicz, Max Müller, Szaja
Neiger, Katherine (1) Neiger, Katherine (2) Neumann, Maria
Njkrasow, Andreg Ojreyzska, Wanda Pinkus, Filo
Poppner, Ernst Raschiner, Schmul Rormann, Luba
Rosenberg, Hanka Rosenthal, Regina Rosenzweig, Sofia
Rozenwayg, Hanka Sandor, Engel Scheklakow, Nikolaj
Schiessl, Elga Schifferman, Sala Silberberg, Cesa
Silberberg, Dora Singer, Josephine Siwidowa, Alexandra
Stein, Ilona Stempler, Tolla Stoppelmann, Mevrouw Nettie
Stojowska, Eva Krystyka (1) Stojowska, Eva Krystyka (2) Sulima, Vladimir
Synowska, Maria Szafran, Dora Szparaga, Rozalja
Szymkowiak, Czeslawa Trieger, Edith Triszinska, Luba (1)
Triszinska, Luba (2) Volkenrath, Elisabeth Wajsblum, Estera
Watinik, Sonia Weiss, Margit Weiss, Miriam (1)
Weiss, Miriam (2) Wiesner, Dr. Zdenek Winter, Miriam
Zamoski, Simcha Zuckermann, Benec  


Appendices (Affidavits & Statements - INDEX)