War Crimes Trials - Vol. II The Belsen Trial. 'The Trial of Josef Kramer and Forty Four Others'

Appendices (Affidavits & Statements - Lohbauer, Hildgarde)


1. I am a German national, unmarried, with two children. I was put into a concentration camp for refusing to work in an ammunition factory. I went to Ravensbrück from 1940 to 1941. I was then transferred to Auschwitz, where I stayed until approximately January, 1945. I returned to Ravensbrück until March, 1945, when I came to Belsen. At first I was an ordinary prisoner, but for the past two years my job has been Arbeitsdienstführerin, whose duty it is to produce the number of people determined by the camp authorities for working parties.

2. Treatment of prisoners in Belsen was severe, but not as bad as it was at Auschwitz and Ravensbrück. I have only once seen a prisoner shot. This was on the day the English [British] liberated the camp. When the amplifying unit first came to the camp to announce the arrival of the English [British], many of the prisoners rushed forward rejoicing. They were told they must not do so. One of them, a Dutchman, who persisted, was shot from behind by Rapportführer Emmerich. I saw the man was dead, and he was carried away. The S.S. women at Belsen did not carry arms, but all at Auschwitz carried pistols. The S.S. were armed, and I believe that shootings took place at Belsen and Auschwitz on outside working parties, though I myself was never a witness.

3. Beatings of prisoners were frequent, both at Auschwitz and Belsen. At Auschwitz regular organised beatings were given. I myself was given 15 strokes on the behind for smoking at Auschwitz in 1943. The punishment was carried out by two fellow prisoners, one of whom held me on a punishment stool while the other beat me with a solid wood stick. I believe that such organised beatings was prohibited afterwards at Auschwitz, because of the injuries caused to victims. I know of none at Belsen.

4. As Arbeitsdienst I have myself frequently hit prisoners to keep order, but only with my hand.

5. Of the S.S. men and women whom I have seen with my own eyes beating and ill-treating prisoners, I consider that Gertrud Fiest, Gertrud Sauer, Herta Bothe and Peter Weingartner should be punished.

Appendices (Affidavits & Statements - Lohbauer, Hildgarde)