War Crimes Trials - Vol. II The Belsen Trial. 'The Trial of Josef Kramer and Forty Four Others'

Appendices (Affidavits & Statements - Kurowicki, Alexander)


2. About a fortnight ago whilst I was in hospital Block No. 32, Belsen Camp, I saw through the window a man whom I recognised as a German S.S. man whom I knew whilst I was at Auschwitz. I now know that man to be called Heinrich Schreirer, though I did not know his name before. I saw him several times in my hospital block, dressed in Wehrmacht uniform, assisting in distributing food for patients. Schreirer was at Auschwitz from about November, 1942, until the middle of 1943, and during that time he worked as Blockführer for No. 22 Block, in which I was living. I saw Schreirer frequently ill-treat prisoners at Auschwitz. As Blockführer he held Appelle twice daily and it was during these Appelle that he beat prisoners. I have seen him beat prisoners every day either with his fists, a rubber stick, a wooden stick or his revolver. On numerous occasions I have seen Schreirer knock prisoners to the ground and kick them and beat them on the ground. He has often beaten prisoners until they were unconscious, kicking them with his boots on the head and stomach and other parts of the body. I have seen the victims carried away unconscious to the hospital afterwards, and many of them were bleeding profusely from the head and looked to me as though their skulls had been fractured by the kicking they had received. Though I am unable to prove that they died as a result of their injuries, I believe many did die, because many who were taken away were never seen again. It was not possible to go to the hospital and find out what happened to them. Schreirer beat those prisoners, in the manner described, for trifling offenses. On Appell we had to remove our caps when Schreirer came on the scene and those who did not raise their hats quickly enough, as a sign of respect for him, were beaten by him. Also, those who did not stand up straight or were not in line with other prisoners received similar treatment. I remember one occasion about May or June, 1943, when Schreirer beat a man unconscious. It was a very hot day and men of my block, including myself, were on Appell, of which Schreirer was in charge. One of the prisoners, a man about 43 years of age, was a little faint and swayed a bit owing to the hot sun. Just at that moment Rapportführer Stibitz looked towards the men of our block. Stibitz shouted something to Schreirer who then went up to the man who was faint and punched him in the face and stomach with his fist. The man fell to the ground. I then saw Schreirer kick him again and again with the heel of his boot. He kicked the man as hard as he could in the stomach, front and back of his head and other parts of his body. The man whose head was bleeding profusely, lost consciousness. After the Appell was over I saw two other prisoners pick up the unconscious man and take him to the hospital. From the treatment he received from Schreirer and from the injuries I saw to his head I feel sure that the man died. I never saw this man again after his admission to hospital. I am quite sure that the man I saw in Belsen Camp dressed in Wehrmacht uniform is in fact the S.S. man Schreirer.


1. I have had produced to me six sets of photographs and out of these I have identified No. 1 on photograph Q/4/1 as Heinrich Schreirer and whom I referred my Deposition dated the 26th May, 1945, and which Deposition I have to-day re-sworn. I have no doubt whatever as to the identity of the said Heinrich Schreirer. He was slightly knock-kneed, but I do not require this to identify him. I know his face very well. I have not noticed any peculiarity in his speech.

2. I identify No. 2 on photograph Z/4/2 as Irma Grese. She was in the S.S. at Auschwitz whilst I was there. I know nothing further of her.

3. I identify No. 8 on photograph Z/4/3 as a Camp Leader (prisoner in charge of a party of prisoners) who was at Belsen. I have seen him ill-treating prisoners and beating them so severely with a stick that injury must have been caused. I am now informed that the name of the said man is Erich Zoddel.

Appendices (Affidavits & Statements - Kurowicki, Alexander)