War Crimes Trials - Vol. II The Belsen Trial. 'The Trial of Josef Kramer and Forty Four Others'

Appendices (Affidavits & Statements - Triszinska, Luba)


4. I name also Charlotte Klein, whose photograph has been shown to me, No. 22, whom I identify as No. 1 on such photograph as being personally responsible for deaths by beatings. Internees pulled a cart of bread from the main store to other stores under her supervision and were beaten for stealing bread.

5. I name also as persons whom I have seen severely beating internees and thereby causing their ultimate deaths, S.S. woman Herta Botha, whose photograph has been shown to me, No. 25, and whom I identify as No. 5 on such photograph. She was in charge of the vegetables. I say the same also of two other SS. women in charge of the kitchen, namely Frieda Walter and Irene Haschke, whose photographs have been shown to me, Nos. 37 and 35, and whom I identify on such photographs as Nos. 2 and 3 respectively. The beatings to which I refer were given with a heavy stick.


2. I recognise No. 2 On photograph Z/4/2 as a woman who was in charge of an Arbeitskommando at Auschwitz of which I was a member for about five weeks. I have now been told that her name is Irma Grese. Often we had to march about 26 km. To a place where we had to pick herbs by the kitchen. Grese would ride a bicycle and would be accompanied by her big dog. Some of the prisoners were too weak to keep pace with the main column and when they fell behind, Grese would order her dog to bite them, at the same time hitting them with a short wooden stick. Those beaten were so injured and weak that they had to be carried by the strongest of the prisoners all the way to the work site and then back to the camp. On arrival at the camp the injured and weak had to report to Block 25, which was the block to which prisoners destined for the gas chamber were sent. I have been present when Grese has been chasing and driving out of their hiding places women internees who were trying to avoid being sent to the gas chamber. She would beat and pull them. I have also seen Grese at Block 25 assisting and using force to load the women into the lorries which were taking them to the gas chamber.

3. I recognise No. 3 on photograph Z/4/2 as an internee at Auschwitz. I have now been told that her name is Hilde Lohbauer. She wore a black triangle on her blouse, denoting her to be a social outcast. In her case I believe she was a prostitute. She was employed in the Arbeitsdienst and it was part of her job to select people for the working parties. My post, as hospital guard, was about 10 metres from the office where all the Arbeitskommandos had to report when returning from work. I have often seen Lohbauer search these prisoners and if she found vegetables, etc., on them, she beat them with a wooden stick or rubber stick. I have also been her outside Block 25, Auschwitz Camp, chasing into lorries those, people selected for the gas chamber.

4. I recognise No. 22, on photograph Q/4/8 as an S.S. Aufseherin at Belsen, employed in Kitchen No. 2, men’s camp. I have now been told that her name is Anna Hempel. At the beginning of March, 1945, I was acting as nurse to Dutch children and had to fetch meals from this kitchen for them. I was present when Hempel caught a male internee stealing turnips. First she beat him with a rubber truncheon, using all her strength. When she grew tired she called a Rottenführer (whose name I have forgotten, but he acted as supervisor in the kitchen) to assist her. Both then made the prisoner lean with his back against a door and then the Rottenführer kicked him in the stomach until the prisoner was unconscious and had to be carried away.

Appendices (Affidavits & Statements - Triszinska, Luba)