War Crimes Trials - Vol. II The Belsen Trial. 'The Trial of Josef Kramer and Forty Four Others'

Appendices (Affidavits & Statements - Aurdzeig, Antoni)


I acknowledge having been Stubendienst from 23rd March, 1945, until 15th April, 1945, in the camp at Bergen-Belsen. I had about 1200 prisoners under my orders.

I acknowledge having beaten the prisoners on their arrival in my Block (12).

I acknowledge having beaten a Pole, whose name I do not know, on the morning of 12.4.45 until his death ensued.

I acknowledge having - with several of my comrades (3), amongst whom was one named Adam Bartschinski, Kapo, 1st Orderly (or first on duty), on the morning of 15.4.45 - beaten a Russian prisoner until he fell dead on the ground. We then immediately, transferred his corpse to another block.

I acknowledge having assisted Kapo Adam in his thefts of money or jewels from the prisoners, Jews in particular, to whom we had promised an extra helping of soup by way of exchange. In the end, they received nothing but blows when they claimed it.


The Polish Jew, Adam Bartschinski, Kapo. 1st Orderly Room, address unknown, was entrusted with the handing out of food supplies. He wore a white armlet (or brassard) with the word "Stubendienst," and often beat about ten prisoners a day, either with a stick, an iron bar, or with a bludgeon, etc. This Pole never gave any food to the prisoners except against the delivery of jewels, gold, etc. Description: About 1 metre 75 (height), medium build, about 22 years of age, black hair, black eyes, round face, scar on the right side of face running from the eye to the cheek.

I also had two Polish comrades in this camp. Here are their names: Jan Polyt, who was at Stöcken and should be found there or at Diepholt. The other, whose Christian name was Stanislaw, should be at Stöcken Lager 21 or at Diepholz.

There was also a Pole, whose name I do not know, working with the S.S. Kapo, who killed about 10 to 12 prisoners per day. I know that he presented himself at the Rathaus for the purpose of obtaining ration cards. He lives at Hanover [Hannover] (address unknown), but I know by sight the hospital where he was treated (for 1 month), as he had caught typhus. Description: About 27 years of age, burly figure, black hair, bronzed skin.

Appendices (Affidavits & Statements - Aurdzeig, Antoni)