War Crimes Trials - Vol. II The Belsen Trial. 'The Trial of Josef Kramer and Forty Four Others'

Appendices (Affidavits & Statements - Siwidowa, Alexandra)


2. I recognise Hilde Lisiewitz, No. 2 on photograph 22, as an S.S. woman who was a supervisor in one of the cookhouses in Belsen. I have on many occasions seen her beat women with a rubber truncheon for trying to steal extra food. The food at Belsen was insufficient. Lisiewitz reported such incidents to the Block Leaders in charge of the blocks to which the victims belonged and the victims were beaten again by the Block Leaders and made to do strenuous exercises. On numerous occasions I have seen Lisiewitz strike prisoners on the head with a rubber truncheon, knocking them down and then kicking them on the floor. Many of the prisoners had to be taken to hospital after this treatment, but I cannot say whether any died.

3. I recognise Elisabeth Volkenrath, No. 6 on photograph 22, as being an S.S. woman who was at Auschwitz whilst I was there. I saw this woman, who was in charge of all other S.S. women there, beat many prisoners across the head with a rubber truncheon. On about seventy or eighty occasions I have seen Volkenrath beat women prisoners until they were unconscious. I have seen many of these victims carried away, or into an air raid shelter, dead. Volkenrath left them lying on the ground after beating them and kicking them unconscious. Many of these were carried away dead as a result of the injuries inflicted. I am certain that these deaths did occur, as many of the prisoners so beaten were not seen again.

4. I recognise Juana Bormann, No. 3 on photograph 19, as an S.S. woman who was at Auschwitz during the whole of the time I was there. I saw her beat many women prisoners for wearing good clothes. She would strip women prisoners and make them do strenuous exercises. When they became too tired to continue I have seen Bormann beat them with sometimes a rubber truncheon and at other times a wooden stick, on the head, back and all parts of the body. Whilst on the ground she also kicked them.

5. I recognise Frieda Walter, No. 2 on photograph 27, as an S.S. woman who was in charge of parties of prisoners employed on gardening round the S.S. office quarters at Belsen Camp. I have seen Walter beat many women prisoners for attempting to steal potatoes from the garden. I have seen Walter beat them with a wooden part of a spade and other wooden implements across the head and on the face. When they have fallen to the ground I have seen Walter kick them. I once spoke to Walter when she asked me a question. I spoke in German which I cannot speak well. When Walter spoke to me I told her I could not understand what she said and she then struck me across the face with her hand, causing a severe bruising of my cheek which was swollen and discoloured for more than two weeks. This would be about the middle of March, 1945.

Appendices (Affidavits & Statements - Siwidowa, Alexandra)